HTC Desire and Nexus One handsets will now come with stylish S-LCD Screens

The HTC is facing some problems in arranging sufficient AMOLED screens for its handset. Now company finds a solution for this problem; instead of AMOLED its start sourcing S-LCD screen. S-LCD display is the product of S-LCD Corporation that is a joint venture of Samsung and Sony. Google Nexus One and HTC desire will be the first HTC devices that equips with stylish and brand new S-LCD screens.

S-LCD first called misleadingly as SuperLCD by the HTC marketing department .These are the state-of-the-art and advanced generation of LCD currently available in the market. It is supposed that S-LCD screen will provide versatile and modish display .It comes with better contrast and improved resolution as compared to previous display. It is expect that S-LCD will have wider viewing angles and it also consumer low amount of energy and power. Hopefully this screen will be a best change for the HTC mobile phones.

Only 3.7 inch AMOLED display are short so handset  now have to equip with these displays like HTC Desire and HTC Google Nexus One will come with new S-LCD touch screens. Once these handset features with S-LCD screen, we will show up how all look like. Probably later in summer these phone will be in the market.

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