HTC HD 7 Mate is leaked now , will hit the market on October

HTC HD7 handset has leaked a week ago and today we got the information about another HTC HD7 handset right from the Engadget. At this blog , a picture of unannounced Windows Phone 7-powered HD7 has posted and this picture has come with tables of serial numbers and release dates and you may called a sort of database.

The Engadget got this picture from who leaked O2 Germany lineup courtesy of a tipster . In this picture it is cleared that in the 42nd week of this year an HTC HD7 handset or you may called it HD3 will hit the market.

he more information we got about it is the price of it. It is tagged with €79 on a two year €20 monthly contract, and a hefty €559 tag if you want it contract-free.

Now we told you the complete story ; we will update you more as soon as we got more information.

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