HTC Hero Pictured Running Windows Phone 7? Yes, On Smallville!

Have you seen this week’s episode of Smallville? If yes then you surely watched the HTC Hero that is running on Windows Phone 7 operating system on this TV show. Incase you missed this episode then you do not need to worry as we brought an image of HTC Hero for you; check it out.


You may familiar with HTC Hero, a device that is running on Google Android v2.1 Éclair platform but you never expect that HTC will bring this device with Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 OS.  You may think that it is a prototype while actually this assumption is not true and in reality it is a product placement only which is made by the company for the promotion of device (according to my anticipation).

There is no detail about features and specs of HTC Hero Windows Phone 7 device as company did not say anything about the appearance of HTC Hero in this TV show.We are not very sure whether HTC  has a Plan of integrating Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform to HTC Hero or not?

Would you like to see the HTC Hero with Windows Phone 7 OS platform?




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