HTC Magic memory infected by malware, Google intros Buzz and Orkut widgets

Orkut and the recently unveiled Google Buzz are both social networking tools and incidentally both are owned by Google. After the recent release of Google Maps 4.1 for Android, Google introduced Google Buzz and Orkut widgets for Android based smart phones. HTC Magic mobile phones sold by Vodafone in Spain appear to contain the Mariposa botnet virus in their memory cards and while steps have been taken to cure infected computers and Vodafone has issued replacement memory cards, Vodafone users are urged to be cautious worldwide.

An employee of Panda Security discovered the problem with the HTC Magic Android based cellphone and identified not only the Mariposa botnet but also the Conficker worm and a password stealer for Lineage (an online game). As many as three thousand individual HTC Magic handsets may be affected and Vodafone has issued replacement memory cards and informed affected users on ways to get rid of the malware.

Why the memory cards bundled with the HTC Magic Android based smart phones were pre-loaded with the malware has yet to be ascertained and users are therefore urged to be cautious as this might very well be the reason the Mariposa botnet spread so rapidly and widely.

In other news, Google recently introduced new widgets for Orkut and Google Buzz, its social networking tools, for Android based cellphones. The Google Buzz and Orkut widgets should run on any Android 1.6 and higher smart phones.

While Orkut is most popular in India and Brazil, this widget for Android allows Orkut users worldwide to upload photos, get scrap notifications and also to create a friends live folder on their Android home screen that allows them to view them at any time (even with no access to the Internet).

Google Buzz on the other hand is a recent innovation and if you have it installed on your Android mobile phone, you can add the widget by going to the Menu and selecting Add, then Widgets and then choosing Google Buzz. Once installed, the Google Buzz widget for Android based phones allows users to post photos and text with just a single tap on their touchscreen.

The Orkut widget can be found on the Android marketplace by searching for Orkut and the Google Buzz application can also be found which you need installed to run the Google Buzz widget.

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