HTC One X and HTC One S Now Available At T-Mobile UK

After O2, we now confirm that T-Mobile UK will officially be selling the hottest duo by HTC One X and One S from the 5th of April this year.  The two smart phones by HTC, One X and One S are already on a high demand run, which basically led T-Mobile to join O2 for selling these hot cookies.

The official sale of these HTC handsets has started but it will take a few more for the carrier registration issues to get solved. If you are curious to know the pricing details for HTC One X and One S, here is some thing for your information:

HTC One X:

T-Mobile UK is offering HTC One X for free on a £41 per month, 2 year plan.

HTC One S:

The HTC One S is being offered by T-Mobile for a £36 per month, 2 year plan.

Strangely, the company is not taking any pre-orders, however, the official sale and carrier packages will be up on the 5 of April, 2012. Also, according to the official press release by T-Mobile UK, you will be able to purchase both the HTC hand set through their online store and brick & mortar outlets.

Now that we have O2 and T-Mobile selling the brand new HTCs, all we can do is wait and hope for Vodafone to step in the competition as well.


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