HTC T8788 another WinPho 7 will be headed to AT&T, features with bizarre speaker

HTC T8788 is the latest phone that will equipped with windows phone 7 operating system . This  phone will be headed to AT&T like other WP7 devices such as Samsung Cetus , LG C 900 etc
According to Engadget, currently the name of this HTC WP 7 phone is T8788 so after it launches you will get official information about its trademark name, price and availability. At this point it is difficult to say anything with surety.

HTC T8788 is a landscape slider that is features with an unusual speaker that make it a stunning media device; furthermore for giving a support to media functionalities it has the kickstand around at the back. Probably, this HTC phone will be a music-oriented WinPho 7 device.

Although in the picture there comes no carrier tag but according to some sources it is evident that it will be  headed to AT&T. Not only T8788 but two other WinPho 7 Samsung Cetus and LG 900 will also hit the shelves of AT&T.

The pictures of this phone are available online so you can see the close shot of it in the image!

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  1. jake says:

    i am getting this phone in 2 days

  2. […] same as these devices already have. We just expect that whatever the latest HTC WP7 i.e. Mozart or T8788 will be it must work well and matches up with our […]