HTC Trophy image leaked, the latest WP7 phone surfaced

HTC Tropy is the latest Windows phone 7, the image of which is unveiled by the PocketNow. In the image it has clearly shown that Tropy is a WP7 device .Last year we heard that  HTC Trophy will be a Windows-Mobile-6.5-powered device but now the scenario has changed totally.

At this moment we get only  the  image  of this HTC latest phone and no other specification of it.  It is really hard to tell you about the release date and price of this gadget. But one thing that we can say with surety that after launch of WP7 devices you will have different options to choose from. Hope now you feel relax!

We also have a doubt in terms of its name; it may be possible that Trophy will be the name for Windows phone 7 devices and there is another  possibility that it may  be a Code name of the upcoming HD2 successor, the HD7. In order to clear this doubt we have to wait till the launch of it. Stay tuned to get more info.

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