HTC Wildfire 2, the Successor of Wildfire leaks through a promotional Video

HTC Wildfire 2 has just leaked through a promotional YouTube Video. Actually, a new video is posted on HTC’s official YouTube stream by the HTC. The video begins with a gentleman who picked a water-wash rock from the beach and suddenly this rock changed into a wonderful device. No one see this device before.

According to, it is possibly the HTC Wildfire Successor or HTC Wildfire 2 as this gadget somewhat resembles with original Wildfire. It seems to be a  smartphone phone that supports  full touch functionality as shown in the video.

Mobile World Congress 2011 is just a week far from us so there is possibility that HTC launch this device named as Wildfire 2. We are also expecting the launch of Huawei IDEOS X3 Android Smartphone at this event.

Now we have to see; the gadget launches with the name of Wildfire 2 or will come with some other name. Stay Tune to know more!

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