HTC will be the First Company to Launch HTC 3D Android Handset

HTC has a plan to launch the 3D Android Phone. This Taiwanese based mobile phone maker has the aim to be first vendor of 3D display handset.  The company also posted a job in this regard on the company’s website the purpose of which to take some steps toward making the 3D display but now the things become more obvious as written in the recent article of

The article demonstrated clearly that HTC is aiming to design a 3D Android phone before anyone else mobile phone maker of the market so   that the become  the pioneer of this field.  Not only this but another requirement should be possessed by successful candidate i.e.” Familiarity with multiple display technologies ( TFT-LCD, PMOLED, AMOLED, E-ink, etc).”

HTC has made an announcement officially that  the company is  looking for a Baseband Design Engineer who would be responsible with the “integration and evaluation of new display and camera technologies for next-generation mobile devices.”

Now  it is clear that HTC tries to become the leading manufacturer of 3D-enabled smartphone and for this  the company has started the efforts. The company is looking for an engineer who is well familiar with the 3D technology and with the help of such person the company can convert the dream of 3D handset into reality.

Availability of Superphone HTC 3D:

It is stated by some sources that the Superphone of HTC means the 3D display handset may hit the shelves before the end of 2011.

The company is interested not only in 3D display but also in e-ink and AMOLED display technologies and for this it is ready to use the resources  at the  company’s new HTC R&D center in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. We are also expecting the launch of Acer Windows phone 7 while we are well aware with the HTC windows phone 7 devices such as HTC HD7 , HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Surround.

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