HTC WP7 phone leaked, HP show no interest in WP7

The market results of HTC touch-driven candybars with 3.7-inch  screens are quite impressive and HTC is very happy with this result. Now they decided to stick with this feature not only for mobile phones but also for their Windows phone 7 powered devices.

It is expected that HTC WP7 phone comes with wonderful specification. Some features are revealed such as it will be a full-touch device. It loaded with a 1 GHz Snapdraggon CPU that will offer an effective functionality. It will integrate with a 8 Mp cameras. But one feature that is considered as a helpful clue is S-LCD screens hope you get some idea or any guess what we are talking about.

CDMA-only will be the first version of this WP7 Phone, it means it will hit European market after some time. Verizon confirmed that it will be one of two carriers that will show up this device at launch.

HTC confirmed that they committed to Wp7 platform while HP officially announced that they are not interested in WP7.HP will focus on WebOS not on WP7 and Android; this confirmation is given by Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley. It means we only have to wait for HTC WP7 phone as HP withdraw.

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