India to get Nokia Comes With Music by Mid-2010

Nokia had been planning on launching their Comes With Music service in India in 2009 but was delayed time and again but if the latest reports are to be trusted then India will be reaping the benefits of phones with Nokia Comes With Music service as early as mid-2010. Like in many other countries, the Nokia Comes With Music service will be available for one year and users will be able to download unlimited number of songs directly to their Nokia cellphone or to their computer and will be able to keep the songs after the service expires.

The Nokia Comes With Music is essentially an online music service provided by Nokia for certain high end handsets in India from the Nokia E series, N series and XpressMusic series of mobile phones. The Comes With Music service on Nokia smart phones will enable users to download songs from both Indian and international music labels.

Sadly, despite rumors that Nokia might be going DRM free, the Nokia Comes With Music service in India will have DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected songs. On the other hand, as with the service in other countries, users will be able to keep their songs once the service expires at the end of the one year period.

Clearly the ability to download an unlimited number of songs legally and for free both on their Nokia cellphones and on their computers will be a huge enticement for people looking to purchase smart phones and might just be the straw that breaks the camels back for people hovering between choosing a Nokia smart phone, an Apple iPhone or an Android based handset, etc.

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