Intel Powered Phone By LG At CES 2012

Like they, if you fail for the first time, try again and again. And probably that is what LG is trying to do. Unfortunately, when LG wanted an Intel powered phone last year, they came up with an Android phone at CES 2011.

This year, LG is going to debut its ‘second’ Intel powered phone at CES 2012, but the major concerns remain still the same, will the phone yield some reputation to LG in the cell phone market? The first phone that LG launched with an Intel chip set at CES 2011 was running on Morrestown. The device was eventually scrapped, and the reason why they did so was due to lack of marketability.

If we closely look at the cell phone market, we do realize that there are a lot of great players like LG, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and much more. LG, no doubt has a spot in the electronics and gadgetry market, but has yet to prove it self in the cell phone market.

This year, LG has planned to take a second swing on their Intel powered cell phone with Intel’s next generation Medfield System on a chip. Hopefully things will turn out to be as expected by team at LG and the cell phone bring good news for the company. The expected release of the device is said to be in March, 2012.

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