iPad international release delayed by Apple

Yes, all you people looking to buy iPads living outside the US of America must be absolutely crushed as Apple has released an official statement claiming that due to the unexpectedly high demand in the US, they have taken the “difficult” decision of postponing the international launch of the iPad. Many carriers have announced that they will offer the Apple iPad in their respective markets, including Rogers (Canada), Orange (Spain, Switzerland, UK and France) , O2 (UK) and Vodafone (Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Australia).

We however suspect differently, it might be true that demand for Apple iPads exceeds supply in the US but the demand would have to be truly huge if its eaten up the supply that was set to be available for the rest of the world.

Nope, in our opinion, we believe this is a delaying tactic by Apple that serves a twofold purpose. Firstly and most importantly, we believe and hope that this will make sure that this will give Apple a chance to fix the Wi-Fi related problems that have caused so much dismay for iPad users.

The other reason is that they will likely only sell the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model internationally because (and it seems obvious to us) that very few people would want to buy the iPad Wi-Fi only model once both are available and they will be able to synchronize a launch of the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G in both international markets as well as the US.

True the second reason seems to be a bit weak, the delay which means that the iPad will be available in international markets at the end of May and the other significant reason might well be the official justification handed out by Apple.

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