iPad is the IT thing!

Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds. In late 90s, we saw a fat looking Sim

iPad III

on phone and a decade later we use sleek, thin, light weight Smartphones.

iPhone was a worldwide phenomenon. Released in 2007, it has grabbed the Smartphone market such that Smartphone is now synonymous to iPhone. It is the undisputed winner in this race of technology and connectivity.

Now we see iPad which is a touch-screen computer but it is more appropriate to say that it is a bigger version of iPhone. iPads are fancy and delicate. Only first and second generation iPads have been release, the iPad III is under construction.

But we are all having good hopes from Apple, although the founder the builder, the mentor Steve Jobs passed away, but he has left a very competent team behind him. He has taught them how to work, so no worries.

iPad provides very good applications. One can divide the keypad into two and then type easily just like we do on touch screen phones. At receiving a mail, a small notification appears and one can just know without much disturbance.

The best part is that it can be put into a bag and carried anywhere, no need to have the heavy laptop now!

iPad is loved by people who are internet savvy and read a lot of blogs, online newspapers and ebooks. They can hold it and read from it just like a paper but more intelligent literally.

The look of the smart iPad is very beautiful. Well, everything Apple IS beautiful!

iPads make up the 83% of the tablet market in America and these statistics are thought to improve owing to the success of the gadget.