iPhone 4.0 OS official, arriving this summer

The iPhone 4.0 OS event has come and gone and some major new features for the iPhone 4.0 OS have been revealed by Apple. Expected to arrive this summer, the Apple iPhone 4.0 OS will be available for the Apple iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS as well as the iPod Touch. As we expected, the Apple iPhone 2G or the first generation has received no mention of an update and even the Apple iPhone 3G and second generation iPod Touch will have limited features available in its version of the Apple iPhone 4.0 OS. The iPad will receive an iPhone 4.0 OS update in the fall.

There are well over a hundred new features in the Apple iPhone 4.0 OS although in the presentation, Apple representatives concentrated on what they called the “7 tentpole ones”. Perhaps an indirect jab at the old foe, Microsoft? Who can say, in any case, the seven main features were indeed impressive although partially expected and long delayed in some cases.

The first is of course multitasking which is officially confirmed and is set to feature on the iPhone 4.0 OS. Next are folders, not like what you find in your Windows desktop operating system, the folders to feature on iPhone 4.0 OS will be more like categories and you can create them simply by dragging one icon on top of another. Furthermore you can also replace icons on your iPhone 4.0 OS homescreen with these folders.

The e-mail inbox in iPhone 4.0 is improved and unified so that you will be able to set-up multiple e-mail accounts, the fast inbox switching and threaded e-mail conversation features are also available on the iPhone 4.0 OS.

iBooks, the app that most iPad users will be familiar with by now will also be available on the iPhone 4.0 OS. Enterprise clients will also benefit from the iPhone 4.0 OS with lots of new features available such as Exchange Server 2010 support, better data protection, SSL VPN support, mobile device management, etc.

The Game center on the Apple iPhone 4.0 OS has also been improved, rather like the XBox Live functionality the Windows Phone 7 received. Last but not least is the iAd mobile advertising solution which is set to benefit developers more than end-users as the will receive a share of ad revenue from ads that are integrated into their apps.

Another possible solution could be that developers might release ad sponsored versions of their apps which will be free for users. Developers are set to receive 60% of revenue from the ads while Apple will get the rest.

These are only the major features of course with over a hundred more new features set to be available for the Apple iPhone 4.0 OS some of which you can see in the picture above.

As we mentioned earlier, Apple has slated this summer for the period of release for the iPhone 4.0 OS with updates arriving on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS as well as the iPod Touch in the same period. The iPad is set to receive the iPhone 4.0 OS update sometime in fall this year.