iPhone 4 History Edition featured with a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth designed by GoldStriker’s Stuart Hughes

iPhone 4 History Edition is out now and this luxury phone  is designed by Bristish Jeweler Stuart Hughes.  The gadget is featured with the actual tooth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex instead of diamonds that you have seen in white iPhone 4 Diamond Edition. GoldStriker’s Stuart Huges is not the new name for you he is the same person who come with 8 million iPhone at the start of this year.

The back of iPhone 4 History Edition is made with the 65 year old polished meteoric stone. It is also reported that this handset will come with the splintered tooth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, aka T-Rex. The apple logo is manufactured with platinum. The bezel of iPhone 4 is covered with the mean of Diamonds. You may feel yourself interested in another luxury phone that is named as Mokume Gane that is maufctured by Mobiado.

Price of iPhone 4 History Edition:

Currently there are only 10 iPhone 4 History Edition handsets are produced. The price of each history edition iPhone 4 is $62,700 (€47,480).

Availability of iPhone 4 History Edition

You can buy the luxurious History Edition of iPhone 4 directly from the GoldStriker’s website. So buy this and enjoy a luxury gadget !

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