iPhone 4 launch flawed reception and smudgy display

Ever since the iPhone 4 has embraced the market, a good deal of criticism has been on the news. It’s just like the storm through which newly launched Apple iPhone 4 has been undergoing for a long time period. People are scrutinizing over its features_ most of people who are using new iPhone 4G complained that it’s not having a sound Retina Display as a yellow blotch can easily be seen at the bottom, and its signal reception is imperfect. Above of all, its glass hardened glass cover is of very sub-standard quality and its poor quality has been proven by going through a tough stress test. Because of many flawed in new Apple iPhone, The Company has delayed the launch of new version of White iPhone.

Most of the people bought their iPhone 4 just few days ago are very lucky and some people are going to get their iPhone 4 today. Those who did not pre-order for it will have to try their luck for some more days as they need to stand out in the line for buying one for them. Reports say that it’s expected that iPhone 4 will be out of stock nearly in the future if that’s be the case people who are waiting to buy it will have to wait for some unpredictable time period.
Though, Retina display of new iPhone 4 is not very flawless yet it has some great functions such as extraordinary pixel density that will surely result in wonderful image quality. There can be one or several reasons of yellowing blotch on the screen but Engagdet is being told as a main reason of this spot. Engadget is a kind of chemical that is used on display for bonding up the layers of the display. It could be seen the only cause of spot- however if there are more than one causes involved they will be evaporated in couples of days, It is also said that retina spot does not seem to exist in all new iPhone 4G instead there can be only few units that are defected.

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