apple iphone 4s

iPhone Lures Disenchanted Users

iPhone has already proven to be the best selling phone in history, but it looks to obtain an even larger share of the smart phone market as a result of the poor performance of many of their competitors’ smart phones. Almost 25% of the people who visited Apple stores around the world stated that they were getting rid of their , Android-based smart phones, and Nokia phones, an October 14th interview with Reuters declared.

apple iphone 4s

Many of the people flocking to the Apple stores are looking for a new phone from the top smart phone retailer in the hopes of getting a phone that will provide them quality for the cost. Many manufacturers are surprised to find that the majority of the people buying iPhones are those fed up with the poor quality of their phones and looking for better quality. A number of potential iPhone customers stated that the outage Blackberry faced lately was a major factor in their decision to leave Research in Motion in favor of its main competitor.

iPhone has already been capturing more than its share of the smart phone market, especially after the abysmal failure of Symbian by Nokia. While the company has abandoned the OS in favor of the new Microsoft Phone OS, both it and Blackberry have been struggling to stay competitive in the market that is clearly in favor of the more advanced and user friendly iPhone.

With the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple cemented its place as the primary smart phone provider. More than 1 million pre-orders were placed before the phone was even available in stores, an indication that more and more people are finding the Apple smart phones to be the top phones on the market. Many of the professionals and workers choosing work phones are selecting Apple as the device of choice, and the Apple 4S with its Siri voice command feature is truly taking the world by storm.