iPhone XWave. Control your gadget with your Brain

The iPhone is a high-tech device from the Apple House and since its launch; different companies have launched various products and application for it. The XWave is the latest product that is designed for this gadget and it is truly a scientific invention.

Have you eve think to control or monitor your iPhone with your brain power? If not then we suggest you to start thinking about it because now you have Xwave.  This product lets you to move some icons on your iPhone and iPad with the mean brain waves. Yes, you can do this very easily through the latest product.

We know that you hardly rely on above information as it was also difficult for us to believe on all this detail. Actually, all this is claimed by the people who have created this product. According to their claim, Xwave is a marvelous product that allows you to control your Apple gadget  i.e. iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 etcwith the innermost innards of your thought process.

Well, this claim is true or not we don’t know currently .But we must try this product once so that we can uncover the real secret behind it.  We also suggest you to go for this option only one time and then observe the reality in the real scenario.

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