Lamborghini Luxury Phones And Tablets For Russia

The Russians have it! Recently Lamborghini announced luxury phones and tablets for the Russian market. Recently, Lamborghini decided to step into the luxury phone market by launching a unique range of cell phones and tablet.

Lamborghini decided to treat the Russian market with three new luxury phones; TL688 Spyder, TL 820 Spyder 2 and TL700. All three phones carry an exquisite touch of the Lamborghini class. The TL688 Spyder has a 2 inch QVGA display and a 3 mega-pixel camera. In fact, the TL688 is a dual camera phone with a front camera as well. Apart from that, the new Lamborghini TL688 has a 4 GB space of internal memory and EDGE connectivity. Despite being a luxury phone, it has a hand made leather body as well as leather back.

As far as the Lamborghini TL820 is considered, it is an upgrade of the Spyder and is known as Sypder 2. The phone has a 2.4 inch VGA screen display along with a dual camera support. The rear one is a 5 mega-pixel camera and at the front, it has a standard VGA camera.  Apart from that, the new TL820 Lamborghini phone has an internal memory storage of 1 GB which may be extended up to 16 GB through a microSD memory card. This edition is also hand made with gold and leather coating.

The third edition for Lamborghini luxury phones is the TL700 is basically an Android phone. Although it is an Android but runs on an Android 2.3 Gingerbread. TL700 has an unknown Qualcomm processor and has 3.7 inch touch display. However similar features are there when we speak of camera options, dual camera with 5 mega-pixel at the rear and standard VGA at the front. The phone also carries a 4 GB of internal storage. The exterior of the phone is gold plated with a sapphire glass coating for display and a crocodile skin for the back.