LG B, the Super Slim and Super Bright Smartphone will be shown at CES 2011

LG B is a new unannounced LG handset that is regarded as the super slim and super Bight  phone .Currently, we came to know about a tweet that was posted mistakenly and then readily deleted; the tweet was demonstrating clearly that the “LG B” phone will be shown at CES. You can take a look at this tweet by clicking on the link on see the pci below.

LG B is the thinnest phone as compared toiPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S. It will feature with a 4 inch WVGA ISP LCD and it is brighter in comparison to both devices mentioned before. Therefore, it wins the title of “Super Slim and Super Bright Smartphone”. Some people think that it isLG Optimus 2X but it is not true. LG B comes with some different features and looks than that of Optimus 2X. It brings the facet of 3.5mm headset jack with it.Lg B Android Phone shown  in the middle of Picture.

LG B will be announced at CES 2011(January 6 – 9) though only tweeted not confirmed. But we simply get the idea about its release. It is also reported that LG B will be included in the Optimus Family so wait and watch till its final launch.

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