LG Cookie Plus GS500 Cellphone Review

The LG GS500 also known as the LG Cookie Plus is set to be the latest offering from LG Electronics, one of the leading producers of televisions, computer peripherals, home electronics and mobile phones. As part of the Cookie legacy which was essentially marketed as a touch screen, motion sensing, fun but low priced phone, the LG Cookie Plus GS500 looks set to build on it and further market growth. The LG Cookie KP500 was a very successful phone with over 2 million sales to this date and we expect no less of the LG Cookie Plus GS500.

Although most of the features of the LG Cookie Plus GS500 smart phone are as of yet undisclosed, we do know that it will feature a 3 Mega Pixel Camera with digital zoom. Other known features include audio and video playback capability, 3G capability and of course a touchscreen.
As the LG Cookie Plus GS500 is marketed as fun and accessible, it features colorful and cartoon-like user interface that will certainly liven things up though of course may not be to the liking of all. Perhaps knowing this the LG Cookie Plus GS500 will have up to 18 themes which users will be able to customize to some extent.

Other known features include the capability to install new widgets with the LG Cookie Plus GS500 smart phone coming pre-installed with a weather widget.

However the key features for the LG Cookie Plus GS500 cellphone are perhaps the simple and easy SNS (social networking sites) connectivity which can further be easily viewed through the LiveSquare (TM) application which graphically keeps track of your most commonly viewed contacts.

Last but not least, the LG Cookie Plus GS500 mobile phone comes equipped with a feature called Editable Screenshot MMS which essentially allows you to scribble or write text on photos or screenshots that you wish to send to friends. We can already see the incredibly large number of texts featuring photos of friends and loved ones made villainous by drawing a beard or sinister mustache.

The LG Cookie Plus GS500 seems t0 be a fun and networking friendly mobile phone that seems to us from first impression will surely appeal to a large cross-section of cellphone users.

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    how to do conference call ?

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