LG Flip II Image and Details Have Just Hit The Web

LG Flip II images have revealed and according to pocketnow.com this handset will be launched by T-Mobile. You may remember that the similar handset was also leaked by This is my next last May and after that Pocket-lint provided the information of it on in June.

According to pocketnow.com, they have the evidence that this stylish and unique dual-screened device that will be launched by T-Mobile US. The specs and its retail branding are still a mystery for us.

It is reported that This is my next that LG Flip II is not a successor of any handset and the codename of this device is only Flip as on September 14th. The primary display of this device will be used for the same purposes and functions which are normally you do in other handset like Motorola Flip, Samsung Galaxy S etc. However, I’m not sure what will be use of its secondary display. I can predict that there is special function related to this display as the company will have some new plan for it. Just wait and watch!

What you think about this dual Screen LG Flip II? What kind of Features it will support?

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