LG GD350 flip phone released in Russia

LG has been in a mad rush to launch cellphones left and right this past month for some reason (strangely enough, after the CES and the MWC). Unlike all the smart phones with 3G, touchscreens and S-Class UI. The LG GD350, on the other hand, has limited features and for the most part, the LG GD350 flip phone is a phone the likes of which we usually skip mention of however the LG GD350 cellphone is captivating in its looks as you will see after the break.

The LG GD350 cellphone, as we said has limited features, however it does have, amongst its technical specifications, a 2 MP camera (no flash though). Additionally, a microSD slot which we believe is capable of supporting up to 8 GB of expandable memory enables you to use the LG GD350 mobile phone as a music player and even perhaps a video player very sufficiently.

On the outside, the LG GD350 cellphone has a volume up and volume down button, a microSD slot on the right side and a microUSB slot on the left side. The external display and red LEDs on the exterior combine very nicely with the black finish and gold accents on the LG GD350 mobile phone.

Other features for the LG GD350 flip phone include a 800 mAh battery, Bluetooth, FM radio and MP3 player. But clearly the main attraction of the LG GD350 cellphone is the black-gold design which is undeniably stylish.

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  1. sue says:

    what year was the mobile phone LG GD350 launched?thanks