LG GU290 cellphone for AT&T coming soon

This one comes right out of the blue with no way to confirm but it seems like a possibility hence this post. AT&T has recently launched two LG phones – the LG Shine II and the LG Arena GT950 and now it seems there might well be a third LG phone on the way for AT&T customers. The LG GU290 is a vertical slider phone and is the latest in a series (LG GU230 and LG GU280 are its predecessors) of budget phones with low features. Little is known yet about the LG GU290 but you can see a picture of the LG GU290 below.

We have practically exhausted what little we know about the LG GU290 cellphone in the paragraph above but we will make an informed guess (based on specifications for the LG GU230 and LG GU280) on the technical specifications for the LG GU290 mobile phone below.

We believe that the LG GU290 cellphone will feature a camera possibly up to 2 MP, a microSD slot, microUSB, FM radio, quad-band GSM for global roaming and Bluetooth. The display for the LG GU290 mobile phone will likely be a 2″ color display with low resolution, possibly 176 x 220 pixels.

The LG GU290 cellphone is a vertical slider with a standard T9 keypad. On the front side of the LG GU290 there is a display and a D-pad with four surrounding buttons and the phone itself seems to be a tasteful dark brown metallic color.

The price for the LG GU290 will accordingly be very low (even non-contract) and it is even conceivable that with the right contract or promotion the LG GU290 mobile phone might well be free of cost.

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