LG GW910 Panther Cell Phone preview

The LG Panther handset will officially be known as the LG GW910 and is set to feature Windows Phone 7 as expected. Other than that, the device is still in its prototype stage of development although the initial version was seen just a week or so after the MWC in February in late February to early March, developments and changes are made almost daily to the device, the software as well as the packaging of the LG GW910 Windows Phone 7 handset.

The latest sneak peek for the LG Panther now known as the LG GW910 mobile phone is provided through the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Singapore who were (we assume) loaned the LG GW910 so that they could better develop applications for Windows Phone 7 as they could use the phone to test out their applications instead of just an emulator.

According to the people over at the Microsoft Innovation Centre, the LG GW910 is very fast and very responsive and animations are smooth. The camera functions very well even though this is not the final version and still has to be tweaked to remove some rough edges.

Furthermore, the standard version of the Zune desktop application is not compatible with the LG GW910, rather you need a special build called Dorado.

To remind our readers, the preliminary specs (they might well change before the production model is finalised) for the LG GW910 include 3G connectivity, 720p video recording with a 5 MP camera, quad-band GSM, 3.5″ capacitive AMOLED touchscreen, microUSB, microSD, Bluetooth, accelerometer and proximity sensor.

So all in all, it seems that the LG GW910 is progressing nicely into a solid, stable yet highly functional device and we eagerly anticipate its release so that we can give the LG GW910 a test run ourselves.

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