LG GX500 Dual-sim cellphone preview

LG Electronics has released a new cellphone in Russia, the LG GX500, which is a dual SIM phone capable of simultaneously operating both SIMs so that you may have the advantage of two phone lines in the same device. Although LG recommends this phone for the fast paced business lifestyle, we believe it will be useful to a far larger segment of the market and indeed the other features in the LG GX500 cellphone will make it considerably more attractive than most dual-SIM phones.

The LG GX500 mobile phone is a touchscreen phone and has the following technical specifications: 1500 mAh battery, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), microSD slot, microUSB slot, 3″ resistive touchscreen with a 240 x 400 pixels resolution, accelerometer, Bluetooth, 3.15 MP camera and quad-band GSM capable of global roaming for the dual SIMs.

The LG GX500 cellphone is also one of the few phones available in the market to feature noise reduction, this is a great feature that significantly improves sound quality so that conversations may be carried out much more easily.

On the software side of things, the LG GX500 comes pre-loaded with Opera Mini 5 which is perhaps the best free mobile web browser available. The LG GX500 mobile phone also has quick integrated access to popular social networking sites including Classmates and Vkontakte.

Other software or applications available out of the box on the LG GX500 cellphone include Music Club LG, Yandex (Anglo-Russian dictionary) and push e-mail functionality.

The LG GX500 mobile phone is a stylish phone with a sleek and smooth silver and black finish that also has a good tactile feel and provides decent grip. The 3″ TFT resistive touchscreen is capable of 256k colors which while not being cutting edge is good enough that few users of the LG GX500 will have cause for complaint.

With network stand-by and easy one click on the desktop icon for primary SIM card selection, the LG GX500 cellphone is both easy to use and provides the necessary functionality expected from a dual-SIM phone.

The LG GX500 in our opinion will be a great device although one noticeably lacking feature is 3G connectivity. The lack of which is made up for somewhat by Wi-Fi capability for the LG GX500 smart phone and rounds off what we believe is a great device.

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  3. dabagg says:

    in which day this LG GX-500 hand set is available in the Indian market?plz gv sm informations on this bcoz I am waiting to buy this handset.