LG is working on Three new Optimus Branding : Optimus Magnum ,Optimus Jump, and Optimus Hush

LG has recently applied for European Union trademark protection and this is exclusively for its three newOptimus branding named as Optimus Magnum, Optimus Jump, and Optimus Hush. That’s mean we will see the three new and hi-tech handsest under the name Optimus in the next year. With the filing of these three marks in Europe , the company is also filed for a new trademark i.e. Optimus View in the Korea at the same time when it filed for Europe protection.

When you checked the history you came to know that out of 30 tardemarks in Korean’s database have the word Optimus  with them .We are also familiarize with the latest handsets of Optimus branding like Optimus One, Optimus U , Optimus S, Optimus M etc.

Not for smartphone only the word Optimus is also used for the LG tablet. For its upcoming tablets LG has filed the following trademarks names Optimus Tab, Optimus Pad, Optimus Slate, and of course Optimus Tablet.

Two devices that are very hot at this time are LG Star andLG B. You know that the LG Star is also named asLG Optimus 2X and Optimus Speed. LG b hasn’t had a retail name now so we can say that LG B will come with one name out of these three marks.

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