LG Mini GD880 available this April, new details released

The LG Mini codenamed the LG GD880 has been expected for a while now and it has been making waves due to its rather interesting appearance as well as for its features. Having won a red dot award as well as an iF product design award earlier in March, it is now expected to hit stores in Europe this April according to LG. The LG Mini GD880 will be the first phone to feature HTML5 compatibility meaning that web browsing will be a much more complete experience, more details below.

We have already covered the LG Mini GD880 cell phone earlier but with the release of the LG Mini imminent and with new details emerging, a recap is necessary in our opinion.

First off, the technical specifications and details for the LG Mini GD880 smart phone include a 3.2″ touchscreen, Wi-Fi and DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), A-GPS, 5 MP camera, FM Radio and 7.2 Mbps HSDPA 3G access.

With 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, connectivity is not an issue through hardware for the LG Mini GD880 cellphone and neither is it an issue through its software as social networking is integrated in to the LG Mini GD880 mobile phone and with the added LG Sync Air feature you can synchronize data from your phone to your computer and to the web.

But clearly the new Phantom browser featuring full HTML 5 compatibility is the icing on the cake as not only will it make the LG Mini GD880 smart phone the first HTML 5 compatible phone but it will also ensure that you can fully enjoy using such sites and applications as Google’s Latitude, Gmail, Google Buzz, Calendar, Google Maps and YouTube.

In addition to that, with the LG Mini GD880 cellphone‘s extensive internal memory and multitasking capability, you may open up to 10 browser windows simultaneously. Along with significant improvements in JavaScript and Flash means that sites load faster and the Intelligent Zoom and Touch to Zoom features ensure that reading is not a chore on the LG Mini GD880 mobile phone.

The LG Mini GD880 will be a joy to behold and to use and we expect that it will give smart phones, even ones that are in a higher price bracket, tough competition.

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