LG Now works on Tegra 2, dual-core smartphones line

LG has unveiled that it is working on a new smartphone series that will be packed with NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform. It is said that latest Optimus brand will be loaded with Dual core 1GHz processor, low-power NVIDIA graphics and seamless fullHD playback.

According to this report, LG has a plan to show off Tegra 2 based brand in last quarter of this year. This new processor will definitely boost up the overall performance level of LG smartphone and we also know that the excellent graphics are always made available with the NVIDIA.

The people who love to record videos will surely buy this as this Tegra smartphone comes with 1080p video playback. Additionally, the game lover will feel the difference in the gaming capabilities of such smartphones.

Currently we don’t know with which operating system such latest Optimus brand will work so we can consider both Android and Windows Phone 7 as the probable platforms of it.

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