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Everything is moving into a 3D world these days. The “world’s first 3D phone” LG Optimus is a really cool Smartphone which has a 4.3 inch touch screen, preinstalled Google Android 2.2 Froyo operating system and battery life of LG’s Tri Dual.

                                              At first one imagines holding a smart phone in a complete 3D world but that is not the case….3D applications can only be used by accessing the 3D space menu which allows you to play 3D games, use camera, open a gallery and there is also a dedicated app for accessing YouTube’s 3D channel.

Key features

Its key features include

Quad-band GSM and 3G support

16M color capacitive LCD stereoscopic touch screen

Dual-core processor

512 MB RAM

8 GB internal storage

Dual 5MP camera with LED flash, auto-focusing and face-detection

MicroUSB port

Stereo Bluetooth

Adobe Flash 10.3 supported

Office document editor

Some Disadvantages

One main disadvantage is that FM radio has been omitted from the phone. Also the screen’s outdoor performance is not very impressive. Although it has a 5MP camera but its performance is not that good. Also there is no dedicated camera key and you have to access the camera from the menu.


Although we can see that LG Optimus is not perfect in every aspect but it is first of its kind. It allows you to enjoy the world of 3D without any 3D glasses by using that hot button on the side of the phone where usually we find a camera button.(However, LG has advises its users not to use the 3D screen continuously for a long time).The 3D effect is clear and enjoyable but slightly dimmer than a 2D version. If you do not want the 3D effect than it also allows you to turn down the effect with an on-screen slider. So if you are a big fan of 3D world then 3D Optimus is really the right choice for you!

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