LG Optimus L3 Brings Dual SIM Functionality

Summer is on its peak level so LG Electronic decided to bring something very cool for the gadget lovers so the company launched LG Optimus L3. It is a cell phone which doesn’t impose any kind of burden on your pocket as an affordable price tag is attached to the device. Let’s explore this device in a quick manner.

Design:The best feature of latest L-line of LG is the stylish look and same feature is available in the Optimus L3 mobile phone. This entry level design comes in modish rectangular shape and has a nice metallic design around the rear camera.

LG Optimus L3

Dual-SIM: You can insert dual SIM into the handset and thereby you are free to handle your personal and professional contacts through a single device.

Display: LG Optimus L3 is featured with a good 3.2 MP screen but what I don’t like in this display is the resolution. TFT display with 240×320 pixels was considered good in past days but at present a few people like it.

Interface: Don’t take resolution problem too serious to leave the mobile phone as mobile phone is featured with an interactive and well-structure interface which runs on the top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. You have a few shortcuts on the screen along with many customization options.

Processor: Optimus L3 Cell phone is powered by 800MHz single-core ARM Cortex-A5 and good thing is that you will enjoy fast speed of communication and browsing through this processor. Though the phone has ugly resolution yet the processing power of it is good enough to catch your attention.

Connectivity: Today, every mobile user wants to remain connected and of course, this latest cell phone of L-series will make it feasible for you to fulfill your desire. The browser runs smoothly and you can fly through the pages but I would like to inform you about one thing that the resolution of this cell phone isn’t good. So, you will not be able to comfortably read the stuff on the screen. Top of that, operating system supports Flash so you can add some fun into your life by watching flash movies and songs.

After the browser, I checked the built in GPS of the Optimus L3 and I surprised to know that it found my location in a quick and correct manner.

Camera and Multimedia: Cell phone comes with 3.2 MP camera which comes with average quality of videos and images. MP3 player of Gingerbread is quite good and you really enjoy when you play your favorite music files on it.


LG Optimus L3 is indeed a nice and stylish smartphone that hasn’t any serious issue. You can either buy the phone at an affordable rate or get it on a contract. There is a possibility that you are unable to buy a smartphone due to bad credit but now you don’t have to worry since you can access LG optimus L3 or any other handset as a guaranteed contract phone

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