LG Paper Touch Phone Unfolds Four Times, Becomes a Tablet

Have you ever seen a handset that behaves like a paper? I know you will say No .Today, we came to know about the LG Paper Touch Phone that possess such facet. This device is able to unfold almost four times and good this is that each time when you unfold it, it brings some unique and new features for the users. The four folds of this gadget can be put together using elastomer joint.

The latest LG concept phone is designed with an OLED display which is perfectly suitable for fast speed web browsing. Additionally, the user this device is also able to enjoy video chatting and e-book reading. Once you folded it becomes a Mobile phone but when you unfold it, it acts like a laptop. I bet you have never seen such device which possesses the capability of both handset and laptop.

Would you like to buy LG Paper Touch Concept Phone if it exists in reality? What features you like to see in this laptop. It is possible that soon we will have a gadget that possesses the functionality of a handset and a laptop.






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