LG phones will equip with Eco-Magnesium by 2012

LG has a plan to design such phones which will be  Eco-friendly and this is not the first time that LG committed to this plan, in Past LG Electronics showed its commitment. LG has announced the all Magnesium (used in all phones) will be replaced by Eco-Magnesium that is a more environmentally-friendly alloy and this will happen by 2012.

Eco-Magnesium has developed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. The purpose of this alloy is to reduce and eliminate the emission of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) that is causing damage of greenhouse gas. Motorola Grasp is  an ec0-friendly gadget that has made official now.

LG says its decision will “reduce greenhouse gas emission by a factor of approximately 24,000 during the die casting process without affecting the quality of the final product.”

“This transition to Eco-Magnesium will allow LG and our customers to play a small but significant role in making the world cleaner for future generationsdeclared Dr. Skott Ahn, President and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics.

LG Optimus OneWP7 handset though doesn’t use the alloy Eco-Magnesium but we just hope that is successor will feature with this alloy.

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