LG to launch Windows Phone 7 handset as early as September and Symbian^4 sneak peek

Symbian OS or platform is the world’s most popular smart phone operating system (still) with a global market share of about 46%. Nokia took over Symbian Software Ltd and set up the non-profit Symbian Foundation in its stead. Microsoft Windows Mobile has been around for about a decade now since it first launched as Pocket PC 2000 and is based on Microsoft Windows CE, the latest form, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series was launched at the MWC held at Barcelona, Spain in February 2010.Speaking of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Symbian^3 was also launched at that event and is the first Symbian platform that has been made completely open source. However with Blackberry, Android, iPhone and now WebOS providing stiff competition, Samsung launching Bada and Microsoft launching Windows Phone 7 series, Symbian‘s position at the top of the smart phone platforms is under serious threat.

Nokia, despite launching MeeGo in partnership with Intel, is rather serious in its determination to ensure the continued success of the Symbian platform and is hard at work developing Symbian^4. Recently we got our hands on some videos that show a preview of (still in development) Symbian^4. Symbian^3 is based on C++ and also has support for Nokia Qt but Symbian^4 is developed using Nokia Qt and will not support applications for existing versions of Symbian.

Below you will find the videos and we will let you make up your own mind about what Symbian^4 is like so far.

LG has set a launch date of September 2010 for its first Windows Phone 7 series based device and at the Engadget Show recently, a representative from Microsoft showed off an LG handset that was running Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series pre-production prototype.

This LG prototype handset running Windows Phone 7 series features a slide-out QWERTY style keyboard and has dedicated buttons for volume control, power and camera in addition to the back, home and search buttons required by Microsoft (as part of their hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7 series).

Other than that this LG pre-production prototype running Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series also has a 5 MP camera and a 3.5mm jack for headphones or audio out. However nothing about this phone is decided and everything is subject to change before the phone is actually released (perhaps) later this year.

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