LG Triptych Phone can turn into the tablet, designed by Edward Hale

LG Triptych Phone is a wonderful gadget that is designed by Edward Hale. This new design is really impressing for everybody. You may know that recently Sprint and Kyocera joined hand for Echo that is a dual-touch screen phone/tablet. If we are not wrong then the design of Triptych is more dashing as compared to the design of Echo. Are you agreeing with us?

LG Triptych phone is a slim bodied handset that comes with one phone screen and two additional screens. If you want to use this phone as a tablet then just fold the two screens from behind and enjoy the tablet’s screen.

Incase this concept phone becomes real with AMOLED screen which is also  integrated with Samsung Galaxy S then definitely you would like to buy one for you.  We also have to think which operating System will work well with it. Android Gingerbread or Windows Phone 7. It is also a possibility that dual Operating systems used for it one for phone and another for tablet.

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