LG VS910, an Android Phone with Bluetooth 3.0 will arrive the Verizon by March

LG VS910 is the latest handset on which LG Electronics is working and it will come with Bluetooth 3.0. We came to know about this handset from gleaned from the websites of the respective Bluetooth and WiFi governing bodies while this model hasn’t entered intoFCC database. Currently we only have some information about its specifications as nothing is certain at this stage.

LG VS910 will come with Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11b/g/n three-flavor WiFi. Moreover theGoogle Android OS will be the probable platform of this gadget.

It is unveiled by Bluetooth special interest group that LG VS910 is the sixth cellphone of LG having Bluetooth. It will hit the verizon’ s stores. Some other handsets relating with NS series are the VS660 Vortex, VS740 Ally, and rumored VS760 enV Pro and all these gadgets have the same OS platform.LG VS910 will be available in the Verizon in early March.

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