LG Vu Plus Mobile Phone Review

Properly speaking, the LG Vu Plus is a MID (Mobile Internet Device) but it doubles as a phone so we might as well call it one. Set for a launch date of June 6th with AT&T stores throughout the USA, the LG Vu Plus smart phone is a QWERTY side slider with a four row QWERTY keyboard from Korean cellphone manufacturers, LG Electronics. This is, of course, in addition to the 3″ capacitive touchscreen that the LG Vu Plus sports for a more comfortable viewing experience, which will be quite necessary for the AT&T Mobile TV service.

The LG Vu Plus cellphone is being marketed as more than just a cellphone, it is being touted as your social hub, entertainment center and means of communication all in one.

Along with the technical specifications of 3G capability via HSPA access, 3″ capacitive touchscreen , 50 MB internal memory, microSD slot for expandable memory, microUSB, A-GPS, 3 MP camera with auto-focus along with quad band GSM and dual band UMTS for 3G capability that the LG Vu Plus sports, it also has many added features.

These include the AT&T Mobile Browser, AT&T Navigator and AT&T Social Net in addition to the AT&T Mobile TV service on the LG Vu Plus mobile phone. It is perhaps pertinent to mention that the AT&T Navigator and AT&T Mobile TV services on the LG Vu Plus are paid subscription services and cost $9.99 per month each with 30 days free for new subscribers of AT&T Navigator and 7 days free for new subscribers of AT&T Mobile TV.

So on June the 6th in a AT&T shop near you, look for the LG Vu Plus which should cost $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.


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