Low price Android phones by Innocomm, high price luxury phones by Gresso

Here we have a case of the Prince and the Pauper (and the name is as far as the relevance of this post goes to that story) with a very high priced luxury phone designed for women by Gresso called the Gresso Grand Monaco and the planned launch of many low price Android phones for carriers around the world by Innocomm. Gresso is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury mobile phones whereas Innocomm is a start-up that is at the moment working solely on creating low priced Android phones.

Rather cheekily it must be said, a sales manager at Innocomm said that Windows is nice but can’t beat the price of Android. Which is of course true as Android is free and open source whereas Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 are both closed source and no doubt have to be purchased by manufacturers to use in their devices. The picture above shows the Innocomm Skate featured at the MWC in 2009.

The Innocomm Shark is the device closest to launch at the moment and besides running on Android has some impressive technical specifications including a 3.2″ touchscreen with 800 x 400 px resolution, 8 MP camera with flash, GPS, 3G (HSPA class), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a MicroSD slot compatible with microSDHC and capable of supporting up to 32 GB of expandable memory.

The Innocomm Shark will also feature an analog TV receiver with a digital TV receiver planned for future models. Innocomm reckons that the Innocomm Shark should retail for somewhere between $500-$600 although they suspect that it might be cheaper when it finally hits the markets later this year.

Other than the Innocomm Shark, there are other models in the pipeline including the Innocomm Raja (scheduled for release in the second half of this year), Innocomm Gemini, Innocomm Shadow (will feature a 4.3″ touchscreen) and Innocomm Scorpion.

The Gresso Grand Monaco on the other hand has nothing but looks to recommend it and will leave tech-geeks rather puzzled with its $2800 price tag. On the other hand, ladies of high society will be very glad to receive this crocodile leather, jewel encrusted slab which also doubles as a cellphone known as the Gresso Grand Monaco.

The Gresso Grand Monaco mobile phone has Bluetooth, EDGE and Java support and is rather like a run of the mill cellphone. On the other hand the Gresso Grand Monaco casing is made with an ultra-strong and ultra-light Titanium alloy and several layers of high-tech ceramics for a shiny finish.

The display of the Gresso Grand Monaco is framed with a 42k sapphire crystal which is hand polished and the casing also features red crocodile skin to complete its truly elite status, need more be said?

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