Microsoft Pure and Microsoft Turtle headed to Verizon

This story initially reported by Gizmodo has since been all but confirmed and most folks are now waiting for an official confirmation from Microsoft and Verizon. Few specifications are available for the Microsoft Pure and Microsoft Turtle, both of which are QWERTY style phones based on Microsoft Pink although the Microsoft Pure smart phone looks like a regular side-slide QWERTY smart phone and the Microsoft Turtle is a vertical slider of sorts and you can take a look at the renderings below.

As we said, details are sketchy at the moment but it does seem that although the Microsoft Pure and Microsoft Turtle mobile phones won’t be running the official Windows Phone 7 series (from what we can tell so far) they are based on the same Windows CE based architecture used in Windows Phone 7.

Additionally it seems that although the Microsoft Project Pink user interface or mobile operating system will sport similar looks to Windows Phone 7 series but it will be geared towards messaging and are targeted towards people interested in social networking and text-ing.

At the moment, the Microsoft Pure and Microsoft Turtle Project Pink mobile phones are slated for an April release this year and are likely to be carried by Verizon though it is not unlikely that other carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile in the US might also have them in their line-ups at some future date.