Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series, Adobe Flash and AIR

By all accounts, one would find that users feel that Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.x.x is positively ancient, drab and even when made to appear to look good (for example HTC phones with SenseUI) has still very limited functionality and is not at all the thing. Microsoft it seems is ready to please the masses and recently introduced their new mobile OS, the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) held at Barcelona, Spain.

As you can see, and as will please most of the people who have been complaining about how horribly drab Windows Mobile 6 series looks like, Windows Phone 7 series will definitely be slick and shiny as a newly minted coin. The start screen on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series will feature “live tiles” which will be customizable and for example you may include a “live tile” of a person and it will then include periodically updated information from social networking sites, etc.

As you can see, the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series operating system will also feature hubs that are essentially like categorical widgets that allow you to access Games, People, Music and Video, Pictures,the Marketplace and Documents.

Speaking of the marketplace (which will essentially be the apps store), we now know that applications made for Windows Mobile 6 series will not be compatible with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series and all applications will have to be re-made from the ground up using the new APIs.

It seems that Adobe Flash will not be available for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series just yet but it is expected to be introduced as a plug-in after it has been released.

This last is unconfirmed at the moment but many people believe that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series might not, like the Apple iPhone OS, support multitasking. This feature which is available in both the Android and WebOS platforms might be sorely missed in Windows Phone 7 series as it has been found to be highly useful by most users who have smart phones capable of multitasking running operating systems capable of it.

Now while we agree that the Windows Mobile 6 series lacked some features recently introduced by competing operating systems like iPhone OS, Google Android and most recently webOS by Palm; we still feel that despite its drab appearance Windows Mobile 6 has a lot to offer. And so apparently do Microsoft for it seems that the Windows Mobile 6 series is to be re-branded as Microsoft Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition that will mostly be targeted at new and emerging markets.

In other news, Adobe recently announced that it will release a plug-in for both Android and WebOS that will enable full flash support for both operating systems and allow users to access the huge multitude of games, videos, etc that use flash on the Internet. Adobe also unveiled a new version of Adobe AIR which will allow developers to create flash based applications for all smart-phones that are Adobe Flash capable.

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