Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will Launch in China in H2 of 2011

Microsoft has a plan to introduce the Windows Phone & opertinag system in China and it is expected that this will be happen in the seond half of 2011.  the source of the new is HTC Asia in which the Jack Tong’s Statemnet is highted with the words that Windows Phone 7 will not support anu Asian Language till half of 2011.

It is announced by Microsoft’s Communications Sector Director for the Greater China Region, Yang Tianyang that the Windows Phone 7 will  hit the Chinese market in the  late next year. It is also said by him that the “Redmond is in the talks with manufacturers like Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei with regards to Windows Phone 7 handset production”

Windows Phone 7 Devices such asHTC 7 Surround, HTC HD7 , Samsung Focus , Dell Venue Pro etc are really making a good business in the U.S. and European markets too and we also expect that Microsoft will see a boost   in the sale of these handset after the launch of these smartphones in China.