Mobiado Luxury 712 Mokume Gane Handset Announced, Check out its interesting manufacturing Process

Mokume Gane is the latest luxury handset that has been announced by Mobiado today. The codename of this gadget is 712MG and you also familiar with another Mobiado mobile phone with name 712GCB. Mokume Gane seems very distinctive name that got from Japanese Language and its meaning is “Wood Grain Metal”.

Manufacturing Process:

Mobiado 712MG‘s manufacturing concept is based on 17th century mixed-metal bonding process that was invented by Denbei Shoami in Feudal Japan. That method was used originally for sword fitting such as Katana , the famous weapon of that time.

In the manufacturing process of Mobiado Makume Gane , manufacturer used  several materials such as copper, nickel silver and brass. All these mertals are put through a thorough seven step cleaning process, which is the key to preventing material delimitation .while   in the very next phase, production line is stacking and wrapping of layers in steel foil, in an air tight environment.
The ingot got through previous phase is fused under the heat and pressure for approximately 2-3 hours inside an electric furnace and after that it is forged, hand twisted and forged again to create the final material of Mokume Gane.

At the top of 712 MG you will see the precision that is engraved with  designer’s signature and inlayed with pearly white or stylish black diamond. You may interested in iPhone 4 Diamond edition.
Total 204.5 Carats of sapphire crystal are utilized for crafting  an array of buttons ; hand painted with 24 Carat yellow gold, 18 Carat rose gold and silver sapphire crystal are on hand. While the battery cover is desiged with a single piece of sapphire crystal and incorporates a unique hidden sliding battery cover mechanism .The company used the similar designing patter  incase of MobiadoProfessional 105 Damascus.

Technical Specifications of Mobiado Classic 712 MG:

  • A standard 2.2-inch QVGA display
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Video camera with flash
  • Integrated GPS
  • Web browser
  • Email support
  • Music player
  • Network Coverage :

It provides the  network coverage on all five continents as it comes with quad-band GSM (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) and triple band WCDMA Band I, II and VIII (2100/1900/900).

Price and Availability of Mobiado Mokume Gane ( 712 MG)

It is available now with the price tag of $4,180.

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