Modu Phone is now available in UK for only 130 pounds

We know that modular phones were announced at MWC 2009 . These phones were selling in some cellular market and  now you will find these phone in  US market. The sale price of Modular phone is only 130 pounds in US market

Modu phone comes  with exciting specifications such as it features 1.3-inch OLED screen , and 7.8 mm thick. It is a very small gadget that designed with a stylish and tiny Keypad.For the connectivity purpose it has Bluetooth.It has non expandable 2GB memory.

Modu mobile phone integrated with jackets that use to change into a photo frame, sport accessory, pedometer or just a fashion bar phone.
Modu mobile phones are sold in US market only by Purelygadgets . The cost of photo frames  and sport jacket start from 80 pounds  and 50 pound respectively while the price of jackets are 30 or 40 pounds.
The great news is that Modu is going to launch its latest modular phone soon . This latest modular phone will have touchscreen. It is expected that Modu 2 will hit the cell phone market in the coming year.