Motorola Droid 2 Global‘s image leaked

Motorola Droid Global image is now unveiled and it looks very pretty in the image. This gadget will be the next member of Droid family. At first look you may find it difficult to observe the difference between Droid world Edition and Droid 2. But it is apparent that the most distinctive thing of it; it will be rolled out globally.

Motorola Droid 2 Global looks stunning with it’s a pearly white back and a lighter chrome bezel up front. It is also in the rumors that Motorola will lunch this gadget with intention to replace the Droid 2 completely. We don’t know exactly about this intention as it is difficult to say anything at this time.

It is also claimed at Life that the Motorola Droid Global or Droid Pro will have 1.2GHz core processor instead of 1 GHz that is available with the Droid 2.

It is clearly shown in the leaked image that this world edition will be headed to the Verizon. At present, we have no more information about the release date and price of this gadget. We will update you soon as we get some more detail about this latest mobile phone of Motorola house.

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