Motorola Etna for Verizon and Motorola Olympus for AT&T will arrive in the market next year

Motorola Olympus is not a new name for you as you have read about this one but what name is latest and unfamiliar for you is the Motorola Etna that is another Tegra 2 based handset that will hit the Verizon wireless.

According to one report, Motorola is working on a two new high-tech mobile phone one is named is Olympus and other one is Etna.  Both smartphones will run under Google’s Android operating system.

Availability of Motorola Olympus:

Motorola Olympus will hit the AT&T shelves sometimes in January and this date is suggested by BGR in the recent article.

Some features of Olympus:

  • It is also reported that Olympus, new Tegra 2 device will be very fast and features with a beautiful screen.
  • The model number of Motorola Olympus is MB860 and it will run on under Google’s Android 2.2.1 operating system on boar. It is also possible that it OS will be updated at or after launch.
  • It will equip with Motorola’s specific user interface on top.
  • The large touchscreen will increase the beauty and style of it.

Availability of Motorola Etna:

Motorola Etna is the codename of second Tegra 2 based device of Motorola that will arrive in the Verizon Wireless stores in February or March. Etna will provide full support for the carrier’s new LTE network. We don’t know much about its specifications.

Currently no information about the price of Motorola Etna and Motorola Olympus but we will update you just after  Motorola announced both handsets officially.

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