Motorola Jordan ,a water proof phone will swim in the T-Mobile’s water pool in November

After the Boost and Sprint Moto Mobile  set up , now T-mobile has decided to come in the field and start launching their own rugged Motorola phones. In this regard T-Mobile  has developed a new Motorola Handset , the name of which is Jordan. The best part of this phone is that it will be a waterproof handset and will come in the stores of T-Mobile in November.

Motorola Jordan is to be IP67 rated and in another words you can say that this phone is fully submersible in water.

This great news is unveiled by BGR , in which it  is also claimed that this Motorola phone will be submersible to 10m.However according to my knowledge( that I got from an article of Wikipedia) the IP67 certification only covers submersion to 1m.May be the phone has more capability  of diving !

This IP67 rating makes this phone quite handy for the people who usually want the waterproof ability in their handsets ; in their lives this feature really matters.

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