Motorola MC55A0 series mobile phones have unveiled

Motorola MC55A0 series  handsets are just introduced by Motorola ; one model is  Motorola MC55A0 and another is  Motorola MC55A0-HC respectively . These phones are running on Windows Phone 6.5 Platform and that is quite impressive for many users. The chipset used in these models are an 806MHz Marvell PXA320.

Motorola M series mobile phone will allow the user to  take the wonderful photos not only this but many other amazing features are also supported by this handset such as  bar codes scanning , access business applications, viewing  a video etc directly on mobile. It comes with a microSD slot card for memory expansion and same is available with Motorola Flipside mobile phone.

Motorola MC55A0 Series Mobile Phone Features

  • 3.5-inch PenTile VGA display
  • MicroSD card slot support
  • Bluetooth 2.1encryption protocols and similar option is on hand with Motorola Bravo Mobile phone
  • Powered by an 806MHz Marvell PXA320 chip
  • Runs Windows Mobile 6.5 OS
  • 1GB Flash memory
  • WiFi connectivity
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 2,400mAh battery
  • Dimensions 5.8 x 3.0 x 1.06 inches
  • weight 11.1 oz

Availability and Price of Motorola MC55A0 Series

We currently have no information about the price and availability of this gadget but stay tuned to know more!