Motorola Olympus integrates with NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset

Motorola Olympus is the latest unnounced gadget of the Motorola that will first headed to AT&T( according to our prediction). Although, Motorola hasn’t reveled any information about this gadget but thanks to some sources that leaked some detail of this phone or tablet. It is not confirmed whether Olympus is a high-end mobile phone or a high-tech tablet but the specifications of it are really interesting and impressing.

Motorola Olympus will come with NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset that means you will get the high quality picture and sound on screen. The Olympus MB860 may be Motorola’s tablets or a Terminator phone. Whatever the device will turn to be; now it has passed Certifications of Bluetooth SIG, the Wi0-fi Alliance and  the UPnP forum.

According to some Source, AT&T is in talked with Motorola to become the first carrier of this upcoming dual-core Tegra 2 Gingerbread Device that is expected to launch in the early 2011. The device name Motorola Olympus is confirmed by the company itself.  It is also expected that this device will be headed by multiple carriers and it might be possible that AT&T will be the first among all.

We will update you soon more about this Tegra 2 device so stay tuned.

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