Motorola Stadia will be an upcoming Gaming or Fitness Phone(s)?

Motorola has recently filed an interesting trademark with the name of Stadia: actually, it has filed a pair of applications and what is unusual is the marking of  various applications. We say this application unusual because the company normally list   “Cellular phones” in that particular field. Now it seems that this time company betray from the normal situation by marking the all bases  in the list as done by other companies.

The company is mentioning the usual features like GPS, MP3, camera, and of course cellular devices in conjunction with something strange and unusual  , actually company is looking for the protection relating to a “handheld game device in the nature of hand-held units for playing electronic games for use with external display screen or monitor,”  along with “electronic non-medical portable device for measuring, storing, transferring and synchronizing an individual’s physical exercise and activity levels including date, time, heart rate, global positioning, direction, distance, altitude, speed, distance, calories and temperature.”
The company also filed for the same trademark in November with the words “fitness monitoring devices.”  We also know about the latest Motorola MC55A0-CH Device designed for health purpose.

Motorola already released a fitness feature phone with the facets of basic fitness tracking in 2009 but it wasn’t able to satisfy the people at that time. Now we are confused that the Motorola Stadia will be a fitness monitoring device or a gaming device likeSony Ericsson PSP.  We suspect that whatever the feature it has, the Android Platform like Gingerbread will be the only choice for the company.It is also possible that under staid name company want to launch more than one devices.

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